Let’s answer briefly the question of what is hair transplantation, it is an operation applied to people who suffer hair loss as a result of age, genetics, disease and accident.
Hair transplantation; It is the process of transferring the hair follicles having the shedding genetics between the two ears at the back of the head to the hairless region.



The donor area was cut from the scalp-shaped hair; hair roots are not preferred because of scarring and limited number of roots can be planted.













Grafts (hair follicles) from the donor area are taken with the help of devices called manual punch or micro motor.


First, it is determined whether the person is suitable for hair transplantation. It is performed under local anesthesia.
Hair transplantation process; hair follicles vary according to the width of the area and is completed between 6-10 hours.
The hair follicles are kept in a special solution.
The front hair line is determined with the request of the person together with the expert person.
Starting from the determined front hair line; local anesthesia is applied to the area to be sown.
Later; With a specially prepared slit suitable for the diameter and length of the hair follicles, channels are opened at a 45 degree angle where the hair follicles will be placed.
Following the opening of the canals, the planting phase begins.
Sowing stage; grafts are placed one by one in the opened channels.
After transplantation, a special dressing is done and the donor area is closed.


There are issues that need to be considered before hair transplantation.
It should be discontinued if medications such as blood thinners are used at least 1 week before the procedure.
If there is a disease that is still in the process of treatment, the necessary consultations should be made and the approval of the doctor should be obtained.
Alcohol should be stopped at least 1 week before the procedure.
Smoking can be stopped before use, or use should be minimized, as smoking can adversely affect the procedure.
Hair styling products such as jelly, spray, conditioner should not be used on the hair before the procedure. Hair must be clean.
It is preferable to wear easily removable clothes with front buttons or zipper on the day of operation.
Caffeinated beverages should not be drunk on the day of the procedure and the day before.
It is recommended to have breakfast on the day of the transaction.



The planting area must not touch any area.
The first 3 days should be on your back.
Open front clothing should be preferred for 2 weeks.
Heavy and long-term sweating should be avoided.
Stress and panic events should be avoided.
Never wash the hair on the first day.
Since antibiotics will be used for the first week, alcohol should not be consumed.
If you smoke, it is recommended that you quit or reduce it.
The planting area should be protected from sun and rain for 15 days.
Persons engaged in any branch of sport should not exercise for 4 weeks.
People can return to their sexual life 2 weeks after the procedure.
Dirty, dusty, smoky environment should be avoided.
Baths, sauna, sea and pool should not be entered for 4 weeks.
Razor and machine should not be used for hair cutting. Scissors should be preferred for cutting.
Hair styling products such as jelly and spray should be avoided.
Very hot and pressurized water should not be used during the shower.
The hair should be massaged with soft movements at regular intervals.


2 days after the procedure, the first washing process is carried out by experts and you are taught how to wash your hair.
The lotion and shampoo given by your doctor in accordance with your hair is applied every day for 10 days.
10 days after the process of scabbing occurs in the region where the planting is done.


Shedding of hair strands after hair transplantation is called shock shedding.
Shock shedding is not given a full schedule, but usually begins 1 month after the procedure. This process may vary from person to person. Some time may start earlier and end earlier or may be completed later or may not be shed at all.

Usually from the 2nd month on, the shock shedding ceases and the hair follicles begin to grow.
In the 4th month, the hair grows and begins to take a certain shape.
In the 6th month, between 50% and 80% of the hair planted.
In the 8th month, hair roots begin to get thicker and natural form.
At the end of 12 months, the hair planted undergoes a natural growth process like your own.
Hair growth varies according to the donor area.
If the donor region is used in areas such as chest, beard, hair follicles will not grow at the same rate as your natural hair structure because they are not sufficiently compatible with the hair structure.


This method; without grinding the entire hair of the person, only a trimming in the form of a window is made to the donor area.
Unshaven hair transplantation process is the same as normal hair transplantation process.
Unshaved hair transplantation is successful in small field planting.


Men can also beard and mustache can be used both as an accessory and as an indicator of various social status
Beard or mustache can be transplanted to people who have a large portion of the beard or mustache or have partially blunted a certain area due to scars, burn marks, or those who do not grow their beard or mustache or asymmetrically.
FUE method is applied in beard and mustache transplantation as in hair transplantation.
The process of beard and mustache transplantation is the same as the process of hair transplantation.


Eyebrows are aesthetically important structures that reveal facial features.
Muscles; trauma, burns, some skin ailments can be lost as a result of frequent and incorrect intake.In such cases eyebrow transplantation for the person is an effective method.
Before planting, a suitable eyebrow model is determined for the patient.
It is widely used in eyebrow transplantation as well as in hair transplantation.
Hair follicles are removed by FUE method by shaving in the shape of a small window from the nape.
Muscles; upward in the interior, parallel to the ground as it emerges, in the outer part downward 10-15 degree angle.
The hair follicles are placed in the opened channels and eyebrow transplantation process is completed.
2 days after the eyebrow transplantation process, the first washing process is done by experts and you will be taught how to do the washing process.
Crusting occurs in the planting area 10 days after the procedure. days these shells are poured during the washing process.
It can take up to 3 months for the roots to start growing.
After 1 year, the roots planted will begin to gain the characteristics of the eyebrow structure, so that the appearance of the natural eyebrows emerges.


DHI hair transplantation; It is a hair transplantation application which is also known as direct hair transplantation or pen technique.
DHI hair transplantation; It is an application that allows the hair follicles obtained by FUE method to be planted in a shorter time by using specially developed pens.
The application is known as a pen technique since a medical device similar to the pen designed for operation is used.
Since there is no grooving process in DHI, the hair follicles taken are placed into a medical device that resembles the appearance of a pen called lan implanter kalem.
The fine-tipped implater was dipped at an angle appropriate to the region planned for sowing; When the special area behind it is pressed, it places the root of the hair in the scalp.
Thanks to the DHI pen, grooving and planting of roots are carried out simultaneously.
Since the channel is not opened in DHI hair transplantation technique, the shelling time is much lower than the other hair transplantation technique and the healing process is faster.
From the 3rd month, the hair starts to grow.
In the 6th month, it is between 50% -80%.
In the 12th month, the hair has reached its final state and it is seen that all of it has come out.



It is the process of injecting a quantity of blood from a person into a special tube and separating the components into the components by centrifugation.
PRP treatment; aesthetic, orthopedics, non-healing wound treatment is used in many areas such as treatment method.
PRP applied to hair is used to stop hair loss and revitalize weakened hair.
PRP application does not show any pain or trace.
PRP method is applied between 2-6 sessions at 4-6 week intervals.
Each session lasts an average of 30 minutes.
Since it is derived from one’s own blood, there is no allergies.
After the procedure, the person can return to normal life.


Mesotherapy procedure is applied to the middle skin layer; vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes are created by injecting special drugs.
Hair mesotherapy is a supportive treatment to control and eliminate hair loss.
Hair mesotherapy can be applied to stress-induced hair loss and seasonal metabolic hair loss.
It can be used as a support for genetic or hormonal hair loss.
Treatment can be applied between 5-10 sessions depending on the need.
The duration of each session is approximately 30 minutes.
The interval between sessions is determined by the situation and intensity of the person.

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