Hair Aesthetics

Eyebrows are aesthetically important structures that reveal facial contours.
Muscles; Traumas, burns, some skin conditions, frequent and incorrect intake may be lost. In such cases, eyebrow transplantation is an effective method for the person.
Before the transplantation, an eyebrow model suitable for the patient and the patient wants is determined.
It is widely used in eyebrow transplantation as well as in hair transplantation.
Hair follicles are removed by FUE method by shaving in the form of a small window from the nape area.
Muscles; They rise upward in the interior, parallel to the ground as they emerge, and at an angle of 10-15 degrees in the outer part.
Eyebrow transplantation is completed by placing the hair follicles in the opened channels.
2 days after eyebrow transplantation, the first washing process is done by experts and you are taught that the washing process will be performed in person.
Crusting occurs in the planting area 10 days after the procedure. These shells are shed during the washing process.
It may take up to 3 months on average for the roots to begin to grow in 7-8 months.
Since the roots planted after 1 year will start to acquire the properties of the eyebrow structure, the appearance of natural eyebrow appears.

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