Hair Aesthetics

It is the process of putting some blood taken from the person into a special tube, separating it into components by centrifugation and giving the PRP back to the person by injection.
PRP therapy; It is a treatment method used in many areas such as aesthetics, orthopedics, wound healing.
PRP applied to hair is used to stop hair loss and revitalize weakened hair.
There is no pain or scar in PRP application.
PRP method is applied between 2-6 sessions at 4-6 week intervals.
Each session takes an average of 30 minutes.
Since it is obtained from the person’s own blood, there is no allergy.
After the procedure, the person can return to his normal life.

Mesotherapy process is applied to the middle skin layer; It is the injection of special drugs created by combining vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.
Hair mesotherapy is a supportive treatment to control and remove hair loss.
Hair mesotherapy can be applied in stress-induced hair loss and seasonal metabolic hair loss.
It can be used as a supplement in genetic or hormonal hair loss.
Treatment can be applied between 5-10 sessions depending on the need.
The duration of each session is about 30 minutes.
The interval between sessions is determined by the condition and intensity of the person.

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