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What is hair transplantation


Hair transplantation can be defined as a general operation needed by those who experience hair loss on the scalp for any reason. When hair loss occurs, no live hair follicles remain in the area of the skin where the loss occurred. Therefore, it is not possible for a new hair to emerge naturally in this area.

There are different methods in the hair transplant process. In modern applications; Microsurgical equipment is used and live hair follicles are injected into the areas where no live hair follicles remain. In this way, lively hair begins to form in the balding area with a natural appearance.

Another important issue that those who want to have hair transplantation are wondering about is how the transplanted hair will look… During hair transplantation, the hair follicles needed are taken from the person’s own scalp. Therefore, after the procedure, the transplanted hair has a natural appearance.

Well, does the hair taken from the scalp for hair transplantation have any properties?


For hair transplantation, the preferred scalp area should be an area with strong roots. Generally, the nape area is a preferred area during hair transplantation as it consists of hair follicles that are resistant to shedding.


There are many methods applied today for hair transplantation. With the developing technology, it has now been reached far beyond the traditional methods.

Classic hair transplant methods can be a little scary. Because, as a method of hair transplantation used in the past, the scalp was cut to remove hair follicles. In other words, since the incision was made, the procedure could be a little painful. However, after the discovery of modern methods, there is no longer a need for surgical intervention during hair transplantation. These developments give some hope to those who will receive hair treatment.


You may have heard that there are many different methods when it comes to hair transplantation methods. There are modern methods as well as classical methods in hair treatment. FUT method, which is a traditional method, is not a preferred method today because it requires incision on the scalp.

Today, FUE technique and methods based on this technique are used more. The most up-to-date methods used are entirely based on the application of the FUE technique in different ways.

As it is known, the FUE technique is a method that consists of removing hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them into the balding area. During the method, the methods of removing and transplanting hair follicles are applied in different ways. This situation causes the hair transplantation technique to be named with different names.

Although there are many different methods, the operation is basically based on two different methods. The two methods, which differ in basic lines, can be listed as follows:

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Method
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method

In some sources, you may even find that two similar methods are described with different names. The two basic methods used in hair transplantation and the techniques applied based on these two methods can be listed as follows:

  • Manual Punch Hair Transplant Method,
  • DHI Hair Transplantation Technique,
  • Robotic Hair Transplant Method,
  • Hyperbaric Hair Transplant Technique.

As we mentioned at the beginning, hair transplantation techniques in general consist of two basic techniques. These; FUT Technique and FUE technique…

FUT application; It is based on the removal of hair follicles on the scalp by cutting the scalp into strips. As a result of the linear incision, a small scratch may remain in the nape area, that is, in the donor area. But there is really nothing to panic about. Because as a result of the FUT application combined with modern techniques, the problem of scarring has also decreased considerably.

The FUE technique expresses an approach that represents modern methods. Because with the FUE method, a hair transplant procedure that does not leave any traces can be performed.

In the FUE method, the hair follicles on the scalp are collected one by one with the help of a micro device. Hair follicles collected in this way are transplanted into balding areas. The quality of the hair transplanted during the procedure is determined by the quality of the hair follicles taken from the healthy areas of the person. In other words, the fact that it is thick, the color of the hair and the roots are strong is completely related to the hair structure of the person. This is also true for the FUT technique.





6-8 Days

5-7 Days



Very High

Transaction Trace





Very High

Max Number of Grafts



Donor Recovery

6-7 Days

4-5 Days

Unshaven Hair Transplant





Very High


FUT, which was a widely preferred method throughout the world until 2000, is a bit behind after advancing medical technology. Since the incision is applied in this method, it is no longer preferred in hair transplantation. During the procedure, a thin strip is cut from the scalp to remove the hair follicles.

The cut scalp is transferred to the area where it is needed. Since it is an incision procedure, scars are formed after the procedure and these scars can become permanent. So, why is the FUT technique still being used? Because the cost of the FUT technique is more affordable than the FUE technique.

What is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Method?

It is applied by cutting the scalp as a thin strip from the nape and placing the hair follicles in this skin on the bald area. Although the FUT method is a very old method, there are still cases where it is preferred. Since the FUT procedure is a surgical method, it is not preferred today unless it is very necessary. Because after the procedure, a certain level of scars remains in the person who is treated.


Along with the question of what is hair transplantation, the question of what is the FUE method is also among those who are curious. FUE is the abbreviation of the word (Folicular Unit Extraction)… It refers to the method in which hair follicles are carefully taken from the donor area and transferred to bald areas without any incision or suture method. Since local anesthesia is applied, there is a regional numbing. As a result of applying the FUE method in different ways, there are also methods called by different names today.

What is the FUE Technique?

It is a highly preferred method, especially for the last 20 years, as there is no incision or suture. In the FUE technique, hair follicles are collected one by one thanks to micro devices. The collected hair follicles are carefully transferred to the bald area. No incision is needed during the procedure and this does not cause any scars on the scalp.

What are the Advantages of the FUE Method?

If we list the advantages of the method in items, we see the following table:

  1. Hair follicles are collected without damaging the donor area,
  2. Not traumatizing the donor area is important for possible hair transplant procedures,
  3. Since there is no incision and stitches, no scars are formed,
  4. The process is completed in a short time, you can return to your normal life immediately,
  5. A method that can be applied to every individual,
  6. It does not have any risks, it is an extremely safe technique,
  7. It can be applied to individuals of all ages, except for some exceptional health problems.

What are the Other Advantages of the FUE Method?

We think that you will not want to have any incision marks due to hair transplantation. The method that realizes this idea is the FUE technique. The procedure can be completed successfully within 3 days. During the procedure, hair follicles are collected selflessly with a micro device and injected into the bald area. One of the most important advantages of this method is that the maximum number of hair follicles can be taken from the donor area and transplanted to the needed area.

In the FUE method, the hair follicles in the donor area are not damaged. Why is it important that this area is not damaged? That is, if you need a hair transplant in the following years, you can use the same donor area. If the donor area is damaged, you have to find a new donor area or you have to use lower quality hair follicles.

fut hair transplant fue hair transplant
fut hair transplant fue hair transplant

What are the Steps to Return to Daily Life in the FUE Method? How Many Days Does It Heal?

He can predict that you will want to go out in public with your new hair in a short time after the hair transplant treatment. The FUE method is very useful for this. Those who are treated after the hair transplantation process come to the treatment center 2-3 days later and are dressed. After dressing, bandages are opened at home from time to time and a special washing process is performed.

The first 7 days are important in this sense. During this period, crusting occurs in the planting area. Even at night, liquid discharges can be experienced on the scalp. However, after the 10th day, the planted areas are no longer visible from the outside. In other words, the natural scalp appearance is revealed. As your new hair starts to grow over time, the final state of the process is formed. With the final washing process, your hair is ready.

To Whom Can FUE Method Be Applied?

FUE can be applied to every individual who has reached the age of 18 and does not have any additional skin disease. The FUE technique, which can also be used frequently in women, is a life-saving method for men. It is preferred by individuals of all ages because it is simple and safe.


We mentioned that many sub-techniques are applied when it comes to hair transplantation. Now, for the sake of general information, we will briefly mention these techniques and give very useful information.

Hair transplantation methods consist of some methods that have been used since ancient times. For this reason, we must accept that some methods are backward methods compared to today. However, in some exceptional cases, the old methods can also be applied. In general, we said that there are two basic hair transplantation techniques. These are FUT Technique and FUE Technique…

As a result of the differentiation of these methods, sub-methods have been formed.

  • Manual Punch Hair Transplant

If you have searched the internet for the question of what is hair transplantation, you have probably come across the manual punch method. In the manual punch hair transplantation method, the FUE technique is used again. Only punch tool is used to collect hair.

In the first years of FUE, hair collection was done manually. Then the punch tool was discovered. However, nowadays; After developing methods, micro motors were discovered and punch tool is a bit outdated for now.

  • DHI Hair Transplant

The method, which can literally be translated as “direct hair transfer”, is based on planting the hair directly in the area of need, as the name suggests. FUE technique is also used as a method. However, the only difference is that a special pen is used in the DHI method. This pen provides the function of collecting hair follicles and also does the job of opening channels. In this respect, the DHI method can be expressed as a more practical application of FUE.

  • Robotic Hair Transplant

In the robotic hair transplantation method, hair collection and hair transplantation operations are performed via computer. Since the computer is used during the method, the error rate is very low. Robotic hair transplantation method is actually the second most preferred method. Nowadays, robotic hair transplantation method is a good answer to the question of what is hair transplantation. Because it offers an error-free hair transplant procedure for those who do not have financial barriers in hair transplantation.

  • Hyperbaric Hair Transplant

The use of oxygen in this method is quite common. After hair transplantation, the healing process is accelerated by using oxygen. The holes opened during the operation are also healed with oxygen therapy in a short time. In fact, this method is not a hair transplant method! Whichever method is applied, hyperbaric hair transplantation method can be used in the treatment process. Because in this way, a rapid recovery is provided in the damage to the scalp.


Before hair transplantation, it is necessary to evaluate the health status of the person and determine whether it is suitable. For this reason, it is important for the person to undergo a hair transplant to undergo a health check before the hair transplant procedure and to get the approval of his doctor. Conditions that are not suitable for hair transplantation may be:

  • There is an inflamed condition on the skin of the area where hair transplantation will be performed.
  • There is an infection on the skin of the area where hair transplantation will be performed.
  • The person to be transplanted has a bleeding disorder.
  • The person to be transplanted has bone resorption (osteoporosis).

In addition, it is important to research the information of the doctor and clinic who will perform the hair transplantation process and to make the right choice before the hair transplant procedure. The techniques and materials to be used during the hair transplantation process must also be of good quality and appropriate.

To Whom Hair Transplantation Can Be Applied?

Hair transplant treatment can be applied to everyone, regardless of gender, whether male or female. In other words, if you do not have a special ailment, you can have hair transplantation done with peace of mind.

  • If you do not have any health problems,
  • If there are enough hair follicles in your donor area,
  • If you are preferably over the age of 18, it means that you have the necessary conditions for hair transplant operation.

According to studies, hair loss events are more common in men. In fact, the results of a study conducted in the USA are really interesting!

More than half of men over the age of 50 experience hair loss. This situation allows men over 50 to do more research on the question of what is hair transplantation. Men over the age of 50 can have natural looking hair with modern hair transplantation procedures against the problem of hair loss.


What is the Most Important Element for Hair Transplantation?

Having bushy and healthy hair is the top priority for those who need a hair transplant. For this, we mentioned that the hair structure of the person is important. Apart from the hair follicle structure, the adequacy of the medical staff is also very important to apply the hair transplant.

The procedure should be done by an experienced healthcare professional. In addition, such procedures should be avoided in a hospital environment or in an environment that is not as clean as a hospital environment. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection during hair transplantation. Thanks to experienced doctors or health professionals, hair transplantation can be completed successfully.

During hair transplantation, it is important that the hair follicles placed in the balding area can hold on to the new area. For this, the hair follicle must be attached to the place where it is planted in a short time. The attachment of the hair follicles is closely related to the flawless execution of the hair transplant method. Here, the proficiency of the specialist who performs hair transplantation becomes important.

It is not possible for the hair transplant process to fail as a result of the correct application of the correct method. It should not be forgotten that there is an aesthetic aspect of the procedure during hair transplantation. For this reason, care should be taken to place the hair at a right angle and to adjust its sparseness correctly.


Am I a suitable candidate for hair transplantation?

Actually, it is not difficult to answer this question. Although you need expert support for certain criteria, you already have the answers to some questions. Generally;

  1. If you do not have a serious disease for hair transplantation,
  2. If your physical development is complete,
  3. If there are enough hair follicles in your donor area,
  4. If you are determined on this subject, you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.

For hair transplantation:

  • You don’t have to be a man, hair transplantation is also successfully applied in women.
  • There is no need to be afraid of hair transplantation,
  • With hair analysis, you can understand whether you are suitable for the method.

Hair Transplantation Application to Whom?

Hair transplantation can be applied to individuals of all ages, regardless of male or female. If you do not have a special health problem, if you have enough hair follicles in the area called the donor area, you are a very suitable candidate for hair transplantation.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed
How is Hair Transplantation Performed

Is There a Certain Age Limit for Hair Transplantation?

Normally, there is no age limit. However, it is important that the individual has completed the age of 18 in order to complete his physical and mental development. Every individual, male or female, over the age of 18, can receive hair transplant treatment.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Done to Every Person With Hair Loss?

Hair transplantation is a method that can be applied to almost everyone without any problems. There are a few general rules for the application of the method. First of all, the person should not have a special health problem. In other words, there should be no discomfort that may be adversely affected by the drugs used during hair transplantation. Afterwards, the person is expected to have completed their physical and spiritual development to a certain degree. For this, it is necessary to be over the age of 18 for hair treatment. Also, for hair transplantation, there must be enough hair follicles in the donor area of the person.


The question of how hair transplantation is done is extremely important. Because it is quite curious how the process takes place from the very beginning to the end. The process begins when you go to any clinic for hair transplantation. First of all, you are informed about the transaction. After you have some knowledge about the subject, you meet with the specialist who will perform the hair transplant procedure.

The hair transplant specialist asks you if you have any discomfort. And also;

  1. Whether you have a smoking or alcohol habit,
  2. Whether you have used a blood thinner recently or not,
  3. Whether you have taken blood from someone else for health reasons, etc. information is also among the questions that the expert wants to learn.

In the later stage of the speech, information about the operation is given. Within the scope of information;

  • Which method will be used
  • What will be the duration of the operation,
  • How to act at the very beginning of the operation,
  • How to determine the hairline,
  • It explains what operations will be performed throughout the operation.

Generally; We should say that different methods are applied for hair transplantation. Although the method is different, the logic of the operation is almost the same. For successful hair transplantation;

  1. The size of the balding area is determined,
  2. The area that will provide enough hair follicles for the balding area is determined,
  3. Necessary examinations are carried out for the hair transplantation process,
  4. The day and time are determined for the treatment,
  5. Necessary procedures are completed on the day of treatment.

The purpose of hair transplantation is to take the hair follicles called “graft” from the donor area according to the procedure and place these follicles in the bald area in accordance with the procedure. Here, the importance of the scalp area to be grafted is very important. Because enough hair follicles must be in the donor area to reach the place where the hair transplant will be done.

The word “donor” may not sound familiar to you. Although it is a technical term, the word has an extremely important meaning in hair transplant operations. In general, the area where the hair follicle will be taken is called the donor. The donor area is usually chosen as the nape area. However, in exceptional cases, the hair follicle in the nape area may be insufficient. In such cases, the process is completed by taking hair follicles from other parts of the body.

Why is the donor area important? Because having a long-lasting hair after hair transplantation depends on the quality of the hair in the donor area!

Another issue that is curious about the question of what hair transplantation is and how it is done is about the treatment. Depending on the method applied during the treatment, a slight pain may be experienced as a result of the procedure. In other words, although the occurrence of pain is a very rare condition, pain relief support is offered to the person receiving treatment after the procedure as a precaution.

Since local anesthesia is applied in the hair transplantation process, it is quite normal not to feel pain during and after the treatment for a certain period of time. In fact, the person is usually discharged within an hour or two after the procedure. In addition, the treated head area is immediately protected with a bandage. As a result of resting at home for a certain day, the treatment is concluded with success.

As a result; no adverse effects are seen due to the treatment.

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How is Hair Transplantation Performed?

The method is chosen in line with the analyzes of the specialist who will perform the procedure. Whichever method will be applied, the plan of hair transplantation treatment is carried out. According to the preference of the specialist, either shaved hair transplantation or unshaven hair transplantation methods are preferred. The process generally goes like this:

  1. The area that needs sowing is determined,
  2. The donor area required for the transplantation area is selected,
  3. According to the procedure, the area to be planted is shaved,
  4. Local anesthesia is applied to this area,
  5. Hair grafts from the donor area are collected with a micro device,
  6. Channels are opened on the bald area in a certain way,
  7. Hair follicles are injected into the scalp through channels,
  8. Depending on the density of the hair to be transplanted, the operation time may vary,

Let’s make an important note at this point; It is useful to consider that there may be operations that take 1-2 hours, as well as operations that take 8-9 hours!

How Long Does Hair Transplantation Take?

The treatment period of hair transplantation varies depending on several factors. First of all, the method used is effective in determining the processing time. In addition, the size of the area to be transplanted can extend the procedure time. We can say that a modern hair transplant method takes between 6 and 8 hours.

How to Determine the Hairline?

While determining the hairline, the request of the person to be treated is taken into account. There is a certain limit to patient demand. As long as the forehead muscles allow, the hairline can be pulled down. While determining the border of the hairline, the image of the person is also important. An unsuitable choice should not be made for the person to be treated. The area starting from the forehead is taken into account when determining the hairline. In other words, the part where the forehead texture ends and the hair texture begins is expressed as the hairline.

A procedure that does not harm the forehead muscle should be applied. Because the forehead muscle has a muscle feature that also affects the facial expressions of the person. It is possible to re-determine the hairline provided that it does not damage the forehead muscle. Here, the adequacy of the hair transplant specialist comes to the fore.


Dye to Transplanted Hair etc. Are All Kinds of Hairdressing Services Applied?

It takes about 1 year to obtain all the results of the hair transplant treatment. After this period, the transplanted hair has the same characteristics as your existing hair. In other words, hair dyeing, etc., by waiting for a certain period of time after hair transplantation. You can easily do the transactions. The effect of hair dyeing processes on the transplanted hair is no more than the effect on a naturally growing hair.

When should hair be washed after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, the hair should be washed within the first week. Usually the third day is quite suitable for this. The hair washed on the third day can also be described as a general cleaning done after the treatment. To wash the hair, the bandage needs to be removed correctly.

Does Hair Grow Immediately After Hair Transplantation?

The process of growing your hair is also about you. After the procedure, your hair falls out in a short time. It reappears permanently after 2-3 months. In general, hair after hair transplantation;

  • 30% in the first three months,
  • 60% level after the first 6 months,
  • After a year, it grows 100% bushy and healthy.
How to Determine the Hairline


Hair transplant price information is also a curious subject. It is not possible to give a standard price for hair transplantation methods. Because the price varies according to the process to be done. For this, the person to be treated needs to be analyzed. The net price can be determined according to the intensity of the transaction and the method to be applied. You can get information about current prices by contacting Turkey’s best hair transplant center Estereizend.

You can come to our center and learn the transaction price after the examination. Moreover, the prices of hair transplantation in 2022 and the prices of hair transplantation in 2023 are the same!

The question of how to act in the selection of hair transplantation method is also among the curious ones. In fact, the choice of the person to be treated plays a major role in the choice of method. Apart from this, the scalp and hair follicle analyzes of the person are also effective in determining the method. For those who do not want to leave a scar after the procedure, the FUE method is usually preferred. However, the other method, the FUT technique, is also frequently preferred.

In the FUT technique, the practitioner’s work is completed in a shorter time. In other words, the FUT method is a less laborious process compared to the FUE method. This situation directly affects the treatment costs.


Hair loss

The problem of hair loss is one of the most feared situations especially for men. We can say that there are many factors that cause hair loss. Although genetic factors predominate, stress and so on. Psychological conditions also have a great effect on hair loss.

Hair loss is a treatable condition. For this, first of all, the factors causing hair loss should be determined. If the condition causing shedding is not genetic, necessary measures should be taken to strengthen the hair follicles. There are many herbal extracts that can be used for this.

In addition, you do not need to be nervous, because now hair transplantation methods are applied in a very modern way.

Why does the hair fall out?

A certain number of hair loss per day is considered normal in adults. For this, you do not need to panic about your hair that falls between 50 and 100 strands per day. The hair loss process already has a certain cycle. In other words, although there is no problem, the existing hair falls out between 5 and 6 years and new ones come out. Hair loss, which is felt outside the normal process, should be considered as a harbinger of certain diseases. In other words, if you have such a situation, you should definitely go to a health institution and have your examinations done.

Hair loss;

  1. Seasonal factors,
  2. Hormone changes/disorders,
  3. Vitamin deficiency
  4. Genetic factors,
  5. It is frequently seen due to mental problems.

What is hair transplantation and why hair is shed are actually interrelated questions. Since the hair is shedding, you need successful hair transplantation to have the same natural hair.

How Can Hair Loss Be Prevented?

Although it is said that there are some methods to prevent hair loss, it is possible to slow down hair loss caused by genetic factors. You can protect the health of your hair with the treatment processes performed under the guidance of a dermatologist. Hair loss can be prevented by detecting non-genetic factors that cause hair loss and taking measures in this direction. There are also different drug treatments applied for this purpose.

If you have a wide forehead, the hairline issue does not concern you much. Because the hairline can be easily determined on the wide forehead. The forehead line should be adjusted in accordance with the current condition of the person to be treated. Considering the medical conditions, a hairline can be determined according to the request of the person. In some cases, people who will be treated may request a hairstyle that is not suitable for their own anatomical structure. In such a case, it is necessary to give detailed information about the hairstyles that can be applied to the person.

Healthy Hair

The concept of “healthy hair” refers to hair that has a natural appearance. Hair with strong roots is also considered healthy. Having healthy hair should be given importance to hair care. Apart from this, the factors that cause hair loss should be diagnosed early and necessary precautions should be taken.

What should be done to have healthy hair?

If your hair is shedding more than 50 to 100 strands a day, it may be helpful to take action immediately. For this:

  1. Avoid foods that will cause protein deficiency,
  2. Pay attention to your sleep pattern
  3. Try to avoid stress
  4. Make your hair care and hair cleaning routine,
  5. Make sure you take certain vitamins,
  6. Be careful not to consume too much cigarettes and alcohol.

If you need expert support in hair transplantation, you should contact a professional clinic. We invite you to our center to get a satisfactory answer to the question of what is hair transplantation. You can learn everything you wonder about the price of hair transplantation by coming to our center.


You should not forget that hair transplantation is a medical procedure. Like every medical procedure, hair transplantation has some risks. First of all, if the process is not performed in a hygienic environment, there is a high risk of infection. However, it is possible to minimize this risk with the treatment received from a specialist experienced in hair transplantation.

In addition, the specialist who performs the treatment must have experience and sufficient knowledge. Because as a result of incorrect applications, permanent scars can occur on the scalp. Hair transplantation can be done in long periods according to the required hair transplantation area. For example, it is possible to undergo hair transplantation 1-2 times a year. Therefore, the risk of infection should be reduced by choosing a hygienic place. These criteria should be taken into account when choosing the best hair transplant center.

Does the transplanted hair fall out?

After the question of what is hair transplantation, it is also wondered whether the transplanted hair will fall out. After the hair transplantation process, the hair grows in a lush and healthy way from the new area. However, due to the nature of the process, hair loss occurs after a certain period of time after the hair transplantation is completed. This shedding is, in fact, an indication that the process was carried out in a healthy way. Because after the loss of the transplanted hair, thicker hair begins to grow.

The hair loss process usually occurs within a few weeks after the hair transplant procedure. However, you do not need to be upset or worried, because the hair that has fallen out will grow healthier and lusher within 3 to 4 months at the latest. Hair transplantation is also related to the satisfaction of the person receiving the treatment. In other words, the success of the procedure can be measured by whether the person likes their new hair or not. A new intervention can be made in the future for those who do not like their new appearance after hair transplantation.

Is There Any Trace Left In The Hair Transplant Procedure?

In the FUT technique, an incision is applied during hair transplantation. While the scalp is taken from the nape, which is the donor area, the skin is cut into strips. Due to this aspect of the procedure, a small linear scar may remain on the nape. However, this is not the case with the FUE technique. Because there is no incision in the FUE technique and its derivatives. Hair follicles are collected through the device and hair transplantation is completed with the same method.

Does Hair Transplantation Have Any Disadvantages for Patient Health?

There is no negative side of hair transplantation process in terms of health. However, in some special cases, it is necessary not to be involved in the hair transplant operation without consulting a doctor. Because local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, the drug used may have an effect on the existing discomfort. It is recommended that those who have a special disease first go through a doctor’s control and get approval for hair transplantation.

Does Transplanted Hair Look Natural?

The question of what is successful hair transplantation and does the transplanted hair look natural is very important! After a correctly applied method, your hair will have a natural appearance. In order for the hair transplant process not to be understood, a specialist health personnel should be preferred. When the hair transplant method is applied correctly, you can have as natural and vibrant hair as your existing hair. You should know that there are many factors that provide the natural appearance of the hair.

Sparse hair transplantation during hair transplantation provides an unnatural appearance. For this reason, 80 hairs should be planted in 1 cm². A normal person has close to 100 hairs per cm². It is possible to fit 80 wires with the right methods. The forehead line is very important in hair transplantation. During the procedure, transplantation is performed in accordance with the forehead line.

How Long Does It Take for the Patient to Have New Hair?

It takes 1 year for the patient to fully recover after the hair transplant procedure. However, before the completion of the 1-year period, the hair starts to grow with a natural appearance within 3-4 months. After the hair transplantation process, the transplanted hair falls out in a short time and new ones grow in its place.

Does the transplanted hair fall out?

Hair falls out in the first few weeks after hair transplantation. However, there is no need to panic due to the loss of newly transplanted hair. Because this is a natural side of the process. Shedding hair grows back in a more healthy and bushy way in a short time.

Under Which Conditions Should Hair Transplantation Be Performed?

Hair transplantation should only be done by specialist healthcare professionals. In addition, the environment where the procedure is performed must be hygienic. According to the method used, even if no incision is made during hair transplantation, the operation area should be kept hygienic. Otherwise, infection problems may arise.

Is Hair Transplantation a Procedure That Can Be Applied More Than One?

According to the method used in hair transplantation, temporary deformation occurs on the scalp. There is some time required for this deformation to heal. Under normal conditions, it is possible to re-apply the hair transplantation process after the wounds on the scalp have healed. In some cases, more than one procedure may be required for hair transplantation. In such cases, it is possible to undergo hair transplantation again, depending on the improvement in the scalp.

Is the Appearance of New Hair a Controllable Situation?

Yes, before the hair transplant operation, the hairline is determined according to the condition of your forehead muscles. It is possible to determine the border of the hairline as long as the physiological structure allows. As a result, the appearance of new hair is controllable. The person who will be treated together with the doctor who will apply the treatment decides the new image.

Is Hair Transplantation an Aesthetic or Medical Procedure?

Although hair transplant operation is thought of as an aesthetic procedure, it is actually a medical procedure. The aesthetic part of hair transplantation usually comes to the fore after the procedure.

How does the newly grown hair look after the procedure? Planted or natural?

Because, when a hair transplant is not suitable for the person’s existing hair structure, an unaesthetic appearance emerges. In order to avoid such a negative situation, hair transplant specialists analyze the scalp and hair follicle of the person before the procedure. According to the results obtained, hair transplantation planning is made. The medical part of the job is the part that is performed after all the analysis and planning during hair transplantation. In other words, this part can be called the labor part of the work. When the process is completed, the crafting phase ends. As the mastery part of the work, the processes done to make the hair look aesthetic or not can be expressed.

What are the New Techniques Applied in Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an ancient treatment method. With the advancement of technology, some developments have occurred in the methodology of the method. The method, which was previously performed by cutting the scalp into strips and applying it to the bald area, can now be applied in a much more modern way.

As it is known, hair transplantation techniques are generally based on two basic methods. In the FUT technique, the scalp is cut and the procedure is performed. In the FUE technique, the hair follicles are collected one by one from the scalp and transplanted to the balding area. New techniques are also realized with the differentiation of the equipment used in the FUE method. For example, in the robotic hair transplant method, the hair is collected from the scalp and transplanted into the balding area through a computer. In the hyperbaric hair transplantation method, although the method is not different, the scalp heals faster after transplantation.

Will there be options that can replace hair transplantation and give the patient a more natural appearance in the future?

Hair transplantation methods have a developing technology day by day. Hair transplantation methods reach a different dimension as a result of the equipment used to be produced more accurately. The biggest obstacle to hair transplantation treatment today is the lack of sufficient amount of hair follicles in the donor area of the person.

Studies are progressing towards solving this problem of those who have hair follicle problems in the donor area. With synthetic hair follicles, hair samples with all the features that a real hair should have can be produced. This situation will solve the problem of those who have hair follicle problems in the future. Apart from this, studies are carried out for more advanced devices that collect and transplant hair follicles in order to make the FUE technique more practical.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Made From Different People?

According to researches, hair transplantation from different people can generally result in negative results. This provides similar results in twins with the same DNA. For this reason, taking hair follicles from another person, other than the graft taken from the person’s own scalp, does not provide functional results. However, there are many studies carried out in this direction today.

Is Hair Transplantation Performed in Women?

Hair transplantation is a method that can be applied frequently in women. In some periods, women may experience hair loss problems for various reasons. In such cases, hair problems in women are solved with the best hair transplantation treatment. As a result; Hair transplantation can be done easily in women.

Is There Hair Root Cloning?

The method of separating hair follicles from their unique cells and transplanting them to the patient in a laboratory environment is known as hair follicle cloning. Since the cloning of hair follicles requires much more cost than normal, the price of the treatment is also increasing. Although the hair cloning method is currently in the research phase, there are positive results that it can be applied in the future. The method is currently under development, as the cloned hair has the potential to cause a tumor in the transplanted person.

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