Facial Aesthetics

The forehead skin, like the facial skin, begins to relax and sag in parallel with the advancement of the age and the existing lines deepen. Over time, the eyebrows go down and a tired look emerges. Forehead stretching; classical and endoscopic methods. In the classical method, the incision scar is larger than the endoscopic method. The sagged tissues are stretched after being released and excess skin tissue is cut off.

This also applies to eyebrow removal surgery. In the endoscopic method; 2-3 cm incisions are made in the scalp in the temple and in the anterior region of the skull. The forehead area and the areas where the eyebrows adhere to the forehead area are relaxed and the skin is stretched and fixed in the upward direction.

There may be swelling and bruises on the forehead and around the eyes after surgery. The person can return to work and make up after 2 weeks.

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