Body Aesthetics

Today, many women resort to aesthetic practices because of their fuller and upright butt which is accepted as a symbol of femininity. There are several methods to shape the hip region and make it look fuller and upright.

The first is the use of one’s own fat tissue. The other method is the application of silicone butt prosthesis. Which method is appropriate to the person after the examination is decided.
In fat injection method, fat tissue taken from the most suitable part of the person’s body is injected into that area to plump the hip area. There is no scarring since no incision is made in this procedure.

In the butt prosthesis method, butt silicone (prostheses) are designed according to the hip structure. With a small incision from the coccyx, this silicone is placed inside the butt muscles, resulting in an upright and full hip appearance. These intramuscular prostheses are not felt when viewed or touched from the outside.

Since the incision is in the coccyx, there is no visible scar. A special corset is worn immediately after the operation. This is due to the reduction of edema and swelling. You may have difficulty in moving and feeling tingling and pain after a few days following butt prosthesis surgery. This will be under control as you will use the medications given by your doctor for this.

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